Virtual Short-term Rental Consultancy

Price: £20 per hour

A Rentmanager specialist will connect with you on FaceTime or Skype to answer any questions you may have. If using your mobile devise (IPhone, iPad) you may wish to show us around your 'space' and recieve tips and advise to improve your product. Skype is recommended should you wish to share your screen with us.

   When completing this message form, please include the following information:

  • The nature of your requested tutorial: E.g. 'Apartment/house/room show round - need advise and tips', 'I'm a beginner - I don't know where to start', 'Pricing consultation' 
  • The preferred time and date of your tutorial (GMT time)
  • Which country you are in

We shall respond to your enquiry and forward you our PayPal information. Payments must be made in advance of your session. 

Eg: Airbnb, House-Trip, Home-Away etc...